120 MM Mortar

120 MM Mortar

The 120mm mortar shot is designed to defeat open-air or field-based personnel and equipment, suppressing fire points and destroying wire barriers in different climates. For firing these shots used 120-mm mortars: 2C12, PM-38, 2B11, PM43.

General specifications


One shot set includes:
• Mortar shot – 1 pcs
• Main charge – 1 pcs
• Surcharges – 1 pcs


Caliber, mm: 120

Shot weight, g: 16,500

Mine weight, g: 15,600

Mechanical exploder, instant action, type: M-12

Number of main charges, pcs: 1

Number of surcharges, pcs: 6

Number of shots in the drawer, pcs: 2

Mass of drawer with shots, kg: 48

Maximum flight range, m6 7,100

Minimum flight range, m: 480

Muzzle velocity, m/s: 325

Shooting mode, not lower: Up to 15 rds/min

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