Design and Manufacturing Company Ukrainian Armor has extensive experience in full cycle of development of design documentation and serial production of armored automotive vehicles on the basis of modern cars and trucks.

Enterprise carries out the production and delivery of armored vehicles for security forces in large quantities for a since long time and has positive results of their operation and use.

Ukrainian armor has all the necessary government certificates for serial production of armored protection for vehicles.

Applied ballistic materials are certified both in Ukraine and Europe and meet international quality standards.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the company has developed a unique design of the armored p
​​rotection of MAZ, which allows cars commercially, quickly and efficiently.

Ukrainian armor is certified with ISO 9001: 2009.

General specifications


• Armored steel of cabins on the entire vertical plane of the roof
• The sleeping area is not armored
• Anti-fragment (shrapnel) protection of the bottom
• Additional steel frames are installed along the contour of the armored doors as protection from fragments
• Method of installation of armored components – overlapping (provides additional protection through armor plated conjunctions, armored parts)
• Armored fuel tanks
• Armored receiver
• Armored compartment for the battery
• Armored protection of the radiator in the engine compartment.


• Armored ventilation-evacuation cabin hatch
• Armored ventilation-evacuation cabin hatch for the crew
• Communication system between cabins
• External communication system in the driver cabin
• Automatic fire extinguishing system (powder) in the engine compartment


• Internal “warm” finish in the driver compartment after its armoring
• Loopholes (if necessary)
• Painting – not included in the price offer
• Conditioner – not included in the price offer


• Armored doors of the cabin (driver and crew mate)
• Special internal mechanical door locks (solving system) providing protection against burglary and dampening of armored car doors during movement
• Mechanisms for unloading of the driver and crew mate doors
• Stoppers for opening doors


• Armored glass with anti-fragment protection for
the Cabin
• Armored windshields
• Armored glass for the driver and crew mate
• Floor with durable non-slip coating
• Thermal isolation
• Interior decoration of the cabin with low com-
bustion ratio materials
• Additional lightening
• Technological niches
• Installation of embedded fasteners for Custom-
ers Equipment
• Loopholes (if necessary)
• Partitions with doors in the cabin for crew per-


Conditioner + heater + additional ventila¬tion – not included in price
• Conditioner in the driver cabin
• Conditioner in the cabin of crew personnel
• Additional heater
• Additional ventilation

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