Functional tasks

Varta – mortar equiped

Functional tasks

Varta – mortar equiped

Functional tasks

• automatic deployment and retraction system, • artillery tube automatic horizontal and vertical adjustment, • data receipt from external sources of a record RS-232/422, • simi automatic artillery tube horizontal and vertical adjustment by a gun control console of a portable device “joy stick” type
• reflection on the digital display of a gun controls, • console of a guidance angle of a artillery tube, • ammunition storage

General specifications


• power drive
• traversing mechanism
• elevating mechanism
• gun control console
• construction for placement into the vehicle
• mortar tube with a base cap
• storage racks for an ammunition equipment
• fusing table


Amount of an ammunition equipment min. pieces – 40

General immobilization on the ground – automatic

Height of a platform of an articulated vehicle – mechanic

on the ground no more than, m – 1,5

Time for deployment by an automatic insertion on the ground, s – 12

Time for retraction – 10

Weight of the equipment without an artillery tube no more than, kg – 370

Traverse guidance angle, grade: from -90 to +90

Elevation guidance angle, grade: from +45 to +85

Accuracy of an artillery tube positioning no more than – 2

Difference between primary guidance angle of an artillery tube after retraction and axis of a crate of a mortar launcher no more than, thsd from 0,1 to 10

Speed, grade/s declared supply voltage: 22-29

Consumption no more than, kW – 3

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