Silent 80mm mortar shot designed for use in military intelligence units and units concealed fire damage of unarmed weapons and military equipment, elements of strategically and tactically important infrastructure, as well as open manpower, single and group targets and others on distance of 1200 m.

General specifications


  • 80 mm fragmentation mine;
  • M6-17 or PD-G16M1S type detonator;
  • metal charge (1pc)


  • Mine flight distance, m:

– Minimum: 100

-Maximum: 1200

  • Total mine length, mm: 605

  • Caliber, mm: 80

  • Total weight, kg: 4,5

  • Detonator: shock, instant action type:

M6-17 or PD-G16M1S

  • Safe Platoon Distance, m: 8

  • Initial speed, m / s: 211

  • Shooting mode, not lower: Up to 30 shots. per minute


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