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Hermes Belt Replica Enzymatic Activity of MERS CoV PLpro is unaffected by the loss of the Ubl2 domainTo determine if the enzymatic activity of PLpro is dependent on the Ubl2 domain, we determined the steady state kinetic parameters of the PLpro Ubl2 and PLpro Ubl2 catalyzed hydrolysis of three different Ub based substrates, Ub AMC, ISG15 AMC and Z RLRGG AMC, which are commonly used to assess PLpro DUB, deISGylating and proteolytic activities. The kinetic assays for each substrate were performed side by side with each enzyme in the same assay plates under identical assay conditions. The kinetic response of each enzyme to increasing concentrations of substrate are shown in Supplementary Fig. Hermes Belt Replica

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