Previously: York County offices in the county’s historic area


Williams moved the car overnight to avoid another tree he thought might fall but was unlucky after this tree fell atop his new car.A fallen tree on Rivermont Drive in Newport News covers a new car owned by Skip Williams of Newport News. Williams moved the car overnight to avoid another tree he thought might fall but was unlucky after this tree fell atop his new car.”What we’ve been doing today is restoring what we call critical infrastructure,” Genest said. “That is things like hospitals, fire departments, police departments, those types of things.Previously: York County offices in the county’s historic area are currently closed due.Previously: York County offices in the county’s historic area are currently closed due.Genest said all of Dominion’s crews are in the state and ahead of the storm, the company decided against sending workers to aid states south of Virginia expecting significant impact.Storm damage was relatively minor locally, according to James City County Fire Department battalion chief Alton Catlett and Williamsburg Fire Department public information officer Eric Stone.A generator being used during a power outage caused by the storm caught and spread through an Oxford Road home in Kingswood early Sunday afternoon.The residents were not at home at the time, and their dog was rescued by neighbors before county fire units arrived.”Last night, we had some isolated power outages,” Catlett said.

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