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MP-120 is the only Ukrainian 120 mm mortar put into service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On January 25, 2022, following the Decree of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the 120 mm mortar MP-120 manufactured by Ukrainian Armor LLC was put into service by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The MP-120 flight range is 480 m – 7100 m; the shooting mode is 15 rounds per minute. Having analyzed the […]

Guarding state border: APC from Ukrainian Armor equipped with an acoustic beam weapon

In late November, wheeled armored fighting vehicles Kamrat M equipped with LRAD-1000Xi Long Range Acoustic Devices took part in the MIA joint special tactical training exercises held under special frontier operation Polissia launched by Ukrainian security agencies on the Ukraine-Belarus border. “The National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have come to the understanding […]

Ukrainian Armor exhibited its military equipment at SITDEF2021

Ukrainian Armor demonstrated its products on the associated booth of Ukrainian defense industries at the VIII International Exhibition of Technology for the Defense and Prevention of Disasters that was held between October 28 and 31, 2021, in Lima, the Republic of Peru. During one of the most significant Southern European exhibition events, the company exhibited […]