The latest development of our enterprise is a light armored vehicle “Novator”, created for patrolling in mountainous terrain and during the termination of group violations of public order, conducting special operations for the elimination of massive disturbances, the search and detention of criminals who constitute an increased public danger, transportation of wounded and persons taken into custody. The car develops a maximum speed of 120 km/h, protects the crew, landing gear, main units and aggregates and has high dynamic qualities, increased possibility and smoothness of the run, capable of overcoming high distances with high and average speed, protects when shot from the rifle SVD, even with 10 meters. The car performs fast maneuvers under difficult conditions due to the ideal distribution of the load on the axle.

General specifications


  • Max speed: Up to 140 km/h on road

  • Drive Range: Up to 700 km

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 160 L

  • Gradient: 60 %

  • Side Slope (Static): 50 %

  • Fording: No less 0,7 m

  • Blast protection seats with 5 point belts (tested to the levels stated in STANAG 4569 in accordance with strict requirements of NATO AEP-55 Volume 1)

: 2+3



  • Engine Type: 6,7L 4V OHV Power STROKE V8 Turbo Diesel B20

  • Max Rated Power with RPM: 300 hp at 2800 RPM

  • Max Torque with RPM: 895 H*M at 1600 RPM

  • Number of Cylinder: 8

  • Compression Ratio: 16.2:1

  • Bore and Stroke: 99 х 108 mm

  • Piston Displacement: 6700 cc

  • Max speed: 140 km/h



Bulletproof protection from:
• M80(simple) bullet of 7,62 x 51 round with 30 m distance and 833 m/s impact speed.
• SS 109 bullet of 5,56×45 mm round with 30 m distance and 900 m/s impact speed.
• M193(simple) bullet of 5,56×45 mm NATO round with 30 m distance and 937 m/s impact speed.

Splinter proof protection from: exposure of 155 mm high explosive shell with 100 m distance.

Mine protection from: hand grenades, unexploded artillery shell submunitions, exploded antipersonnel breaching obstacles.



High speed fire suppression system for:
• crew compartment
• engine compartment
The system with UV IR detectors can indicate combustion in 3 milliseconds and suppress it in 250 milliseconds.


APC NOVATOR is equipped with an electric shock protection and water proof winch with towing capacity 9 t and steel cable 25 m. In order to increase traction, a set of pulley blocks can be installed.


• Air conditioning
• Heating system
Independent air conditioning and heating system ensures a comfortable climate in the vehicle at a -40 to +50 °C. All windows and mirrors are heated.


Rubber Run-flat tire will allows continued operation even after a loss of some or all inflation pressure for up to 50 km on off road. Made of three parts, which allow quick mounting without special equipment.


The door mechanism is easy to operate and allows power locking of heavy-duty doors up to 300 kg.


All lights are made from polycarbonate materials that are 200 times stronger than glass. All lights are dust, water and chalk-resistant. Interior lighting with several settings: Full, partial camouflage and specific night lighting.

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