MP-120 is the only Ukrainian 120 mm mortar put into service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

MP-120 Mortar

On January 25, 2022, following the Decree of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the 120 mm mortar MP-120 manufactured by Ukrainian Armor LLC was put into service by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The MP-120 flight range is 480 m – 7100 m; the shooting mode is 15 rounds per minute. Having analyzed the previous operation background of 120 mm mortars in the army, the Ukrainian Armor team developed and introduced several crucial alterations which allow MP-120 to surpass analogous European weapons technically and operationally. The major innovations are:

  1. The improved base shape allows 360 degrees firing with no need for mortar repositioning; it takes 2 – 3 minutes to prepare firing position;

2. Minimized horizontal looseness substantially improves operational accuracy and facilitates gunner activities;

3. Construction know-how of the safety lock mechanism safe keeps artillery crews from double loading events;

4. The innovative barrel manufacturing technology using top -quality steel increases durability and safety quotient.

“Mortar is a high-tech product. In cases of intense operation, barrels wear rapidly. During governmental trials, MP-120 fired 5.5 thousand rounds, i.e., the entire service life of the barrel. Remarkably, the barrel wear hit 0.2 mm, which is 50% under the current performance benchmark. It means that our mortar can service twice as long as the analogs and fire advanced rounds of enhanced warfare and flight range,” – noted Vladislav Belbas, Director General at Ukrainian Armor.

Based on the Decree of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Ukrainian defense and security forces may commence rhythmic procurement of MP-120, reliable mortar made in Ukraine.

MP-120 comes as a standard weapon for a 120 mm MRAP Kamrat-L-based self-propelled mortar complex (cipher code Smereka) developed under the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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