The handover of armored personnel carriers VARTA to the crew of the Knights of the Winter Trek


On October 12, servicemen of the Central Automobile Storage and Repair Base from Khmelnytskyi region handed over armored personnel carriers VARTA to the representatives of an artillery unit of a separate mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Trek. The powerful and modern developments of the Ukrainian defense sector will enhance the firing power and mobility of the artillerymen in the performance of combat missions in the forces and means of operations of the United Forces.

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“Ukrainian armor” overfulfilled the state order

Ukrainian Armor managed to save money under the state contract for the production of LAV “Novator”. This allowed the company to surpass its obligations and, in fact, to supply the National Guard with an additional armored vehicle “Novator”  free of charge. The delivery took place on Friday, May 29. “Despite a number of restrictive measures […]

Changes in management at “Ukrainian Armor”

In connection with the implementation of the development program of modern exemplars of wheel and track equipment and weapons systems for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and also the approval of new export strategies of “Ukrainian Armor”, the position of the Director General was introduced. Currently, the design and manufacturing company is headed by Vladislav Belbas. […]

«Ukrainian armor” fulfilled the state contract ahead of schedule

On Thursday, March 26, 2020, “Ukrainian armor” LLC began the process of transferring a consignment of specialized armored vehicles “Novator” that were manufactured under a state contract between the company and the National Guard of Ukraine. According to the technical request of the customer, the vehicles are equipped with a radio station, night vision devices, […]