Ukrainian Armor handed a batch of APC Novator over to the National Guard of Ukraine


Friday, February 26, the National Guard of Ukraine received the consignment of specialized armored vehicles Novator manufactured by Ukrainian Armor under the state contract. The defense equipment is produced in line with the customer’s technical specifications within the contract timeframe.

The handover procedure was held at the company’s technical base in Novi Petrivsti with Vladislav Belbas, Ukrainian Armor Director-General, directly involved.

“We regard every handover to Ukrainian defense agencies to be a special event. The demand for our vehicles evidences their reliability, operability, and compliance with the requirements that the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine impose upon wheeled armored vehicles. We are proud that the defense equipment by Ukrainian Armor saves lives of our country’s defenders,” – noted Mr. Belbas.

Ukrainian Armor managed to optimize manufacturing processes and, therefore, save funds. As agreed with the National Guard of Ukraine, the company will use the money to produce an additional APC Novator under the current state contract.

For records: this is the third consignment of APC manufactured for the National Guard of Ukraine. The previous contract was performed in May 2020 when Ukrainian Armor supplied the customer with +1 piece of military equipment as was earlier contracted.

For information:

APC Novator (export name KAMRAT-M) is adapted to operation in extreme off-road conditions. The 4×4 vehicle with a 6.7-liter turbo diesel engine can overcome water obstacles up to 0.75 m deep and ascents up to 60% impromptu. The vehicle develops a maximum speed of 140 km/h. Drive range: at least 500 km in mountainous terrain and 1100 on highways. Based on the Novator mobile platform, Ukrainian Armor develops a range of combat and transport vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces and the defense agencies of Ukraine.

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