Ukrainian Armor presented its products during Three Swords 2021


As part of international military exercise Three Swords 2021, the Day of Honored Guests and the Press was held on July 27. Ukrainian defense companies were provided with an opportunity to exhibit innovative defense equipment and armament operated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the International Peacekeeping and Security Center of the Hetman Petro Sahaidachny National Academy of Land Forces, Ukrainian Armor demonstrated the representatives of the armies of the US, the UK, Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine its product portfolio, namely Wheeled Armored vehicle Novator, MRAP Varta, Mobile Mortar Complex Smereka, and 60 mm, 82 mm, and 120 mm Mortar Launchers.

“We welcome the decision of the General Staff to organize the exhibition of the defense equipment manufactured in Ukraine, – noted Dmytro Poliakov, First Deputy Director General at Ukrainian Armor. – This helps strengthen the credibility of the Ukrainian army on the global arena, present our country’s military and technical potential to our international partners, and proves Ukraine’s ability to become a credited player of the global defense market.”

First Deputy Director General of Ukrainian Armor Dmytro Poliakov with the international partners

The scope of activities and international presence at Three Swords 2021 evidence consistent support of our country to regain its territories and protect sovereignty.

“We at Ukrainian Armor are proud that the Ukrainian army operates defense equipment in Donbas. We are committed to supplying the army with reliable products capable of saving lives of our defenders and responding to the military aggression of the Russian Federation,” – added Dmytro Poliakov.

Following the exhibition, the Ukrainian Armor received positive feedback from international military missions and created some buzz in the international media.

For information: Three Swords multinational military exercise is held on the territory of Ukraine for the first time. The training is meant to boost international military cooperation and combat readiness of the Lublin Triangle, i.e., Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania.

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