Andy had fired the second employee


In December 1999, Andy had fired the second employee, Jonn Serikawa,because his work attendance had been erratic for months. A few months prior, Jonn hit elderly woman pedestrian in a crosswalk while driving Andy van. The impact smashed the windshield and dented the hood of the van.

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Ukrainian Armor welcomed the Delegation of the Ministry of Defense of Mauritania

Following the invitation from Ukrainian Armor, the NAUDI member, in mid-September, the official delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania visited Ukraine. General de Brigade Mohamed Ould Cheikh Ould Boide, Special Forces Commander, headed the Delegation. Friday, September 17, the delegates arrived at the Ukrainian Armor technical base in Novi […]

Ukrainian Armor presented the vehicle under experimental design work Saigak

Ukrainian Armor demonstrated the prototype under experimental and design work Saigak – an off-road tactical vehicle designed to replace the Soviet UAZ jeep. The car was developed and manufactured in a record timeframe under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine bid. The competing companies must submit prototypes by September 1, 2021. The new vehicle is […]

Ukrainian Armor is capable of supplying the army with self-propelled antitank missiles based on wheeled platforms

Ukrainian Armor supplies the Armed Forces of Ukraine with modern self-propelled antitank missile complexes. De facto, the company is the country’s only supplier of such military equipment. Wheeled armored fighting vehicle Novator (equipped with self-propelled antitank missiles Skif (Stugna)) and MRAP Varta (equipped with FGM-148 Javelin) were demonstrated during the military parade on Ukraine’s 30th […]