Henderson sought that legal representation after Camm’s


So I started writing it down. Then I discovered that in our road crew we had a man who had what do you call it? a photographic memory. This guy on the road crew, you could go up to him and say, “Hey man, where did the Brothers play on September 9th 1976?” and he would spit it right back at you.

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cheap oakley sunglasses Affeldt was selected as the non executive Chairman of the Board in 2012 and has served as a Director since 2010. Mr. Affeldt is an ex officio member of the Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committees.. Henderson sought that legal representation after Camm’s attorneys asked to have him removed from the case, in part because of the reported book deal. In December 2010 https://www.oculosoakleys.com/>, Camm’s attorneys filed a grievance against Henderson and the Disciplinary Commission later demanded a written response from Henderson. While Henderson has previously said that he saw the allegations and the petition to remove him from the case as a defense tactic, some county leaders say Henderson never should have used county money for his personal legal representation cheap oakley sunglasses.

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