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The Armed Forces of Ukraine flawlessly operate MP-60 mortars

May 14, International Scientific and Technological Conference was held in Lviv, Ukraine. During the event, one of the speakers delivered the report titled “The Analysis of Operation of 60 mm Mortars that are fielded in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” According to the paper, MP-60 mortar by Ukrainian Armor is the only 60 mm mortar […]

Ukrainian Armor’s vehicles stand watch on the All-Ukrainian Forum Ukraine 30

May 11 – 13, the All-Ukrainian Forum Ukraine 30 is held at Parkovy Kyiv International Convention Center. As part of the event dedicated to national security issues, Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies exhibit the latest wheeled armored vehicles, including MRAP Varta and APC Novator by Ukrainian Armor. “We are proud that our armored vehicles “greeted” the […]

Ukrainian Armor welcomed the official representatives of Afghanistan

Last week Ukrainian Armor welcomed the delegation of the National Directorate of Security of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan headed by Wahidi Nazar Ali Khan, First Deputy National Directorate of Security. During the visit, the delegates intended to examine the company’s product portfolio and conduct negotiations on the military equipment and weapon delivery to the […]