The students have had a Representative Council in Durham since


And with the continuing onslaught against the rights of the GLBT, don’t you think strong community identity is critical? Please. It doesn’t mean we have to love one another. We don’t even have to like one another but if we are going to survive, then a little bit of unity will go a long way..

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cheap jerseys The picture of course simplifies after 1963 with the independence of Newcastle.Staff associations for which there are records surviving are not many but they do cover representation, in the Association of University Teachers, social, in the Women’s Tea Club later the Women’s Society, and leisure, in the Kemble Society forplay readings and performances.The students have had a Representative Council in Durham since c.1900, which became the Student Union in 1970. This has been active in student politics and welfare, and has also produced the student newspaper since 1947, administered student sporting activities through the Athletic Union (again, there were separate bodies for Durham Colleges and the university, with men’s and women’s versions of the formeramalgamating in 1946), and overseen a myriad of sporting and other societies. Almost any conceivable sport has had its patrons at Durham, but the major ones of rowing, cricket, rugby and football have been most consistently and enthusiasticallypursued since the early days of the university cheap jerseys.

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