Ukrainian Armor became the Milanion official dealer in Ukraine


Ukrainian Armor concluded a three-year dealer agreement with Milanion, the UAE defense and security provider. Therefore, the Ukrainian party has the right to market and distribute unmanned ground vehicles AGEMA UGV 8×8.

The ultra-versatile AGEMAis a fully amphibious and modular UGV, providing cutting-edge versatility, security, functionality, reliability for multi-mission support capabilities. The UGV is engineered for the most demanding missions with world-class technologies. The AGEMA has been tested and proven to operate in the most adverse and extreme environments. Simple to operate, affordable, and configured to customer requirements, the AGEMA modular platform may be equipped with a range of payloads with interoperability between systems.

“Milanion is the proven global provider of defense and security solutions, – noted Vladislav Belbas, Director General at Ukrainian Armor. Extending our portfolio through the international dealership, we obtain additional opportunities for business development and, simultaneously, may offer Ukrainian army world-class defense equipment. During Arms and security 2021 International Exhibition, AGEMA caught the interest of the representatives of the Ukrainian security agencies.”

Equipped with the ability to traverse most terrains, the AGEMA may be teleoperated or used autonomously via pre-planned paths and configured with wheels or tracks for relevant operational needs.

Milanion CEO, Davinder Dogra said, “Ukraine is an important market for Milanion, and having already successfully worked with Ukrainian Armor we find they have the capabilities, authority and flexibility to create and service any demand for the vehicle and respond quickly to changing market conditions, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions to local preferences”.

For information:

Milanion is a defense and security technology company that designs and manufactures advanced defense systems in the autonomous and robotic sector. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence technologies to support a range of unmanned autonomous and EV platforms, Milanion creates effective, battle-ready systems for land, marine, and air.

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